Foundational Truths

A Jural Assembly is a subset of the lawful Oregon Assembly. In order to be part of the Oregon Assembly, you must have declared and published your political status as that of an American National.

The Oregon Assembly has been in session for two years and has been steadily growing.

The Oregon Assembly is one of the 50 lawful assemblies nationwide.

Ron Vrooman, a U.S. citizen, has been unlawfully promoting himself as the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly coordinator.

There is no such lawful organization. What he is promoting is insurrection.

If you join what Ron Vrooman is trying to promote, you are opening yourself up to prison time.

A U.S. citizen is subject to all of the corporate statutes and codes. So, when you go contrary to those codes and statutes, that is called insurrection.

When you were born, the government unlawfully converted you to a U.S. citizen. You were born an American National if you were born in one of the American states.

A U.S. citizen has no Constitutional Rights. A U.S. citizen only has civil rights. In order to regain your Constitutional Rights, you must declare your political status as an American National, and publish that notice.