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Darrell - Thu 23 Apr 2020 11:25:54pm

Welcome to our chat

A good place to get to know each other.

Mike Gallina - Fri 24 Apr 2020 11:41:07pm


Hi Everyone, my name is Mike, I'm excited to have found this Assembly. I'm in Roseburg, from California originally.

Darrel G. - Sat 25 Apr 2020 04:43:04pm


Hello Mike. Check out our General Meeting page for our conference calls.

Mike Gallina - Sat 25 April 2020 3:33:PM


Hi Darrell, I had a chance to listen to them, and I had a few questions based off what I heard.

Darrell G - Tue 28 April 2020 2:21:AM


Mike Gallina, You will have to re-register because I lost the data.

Darrell G - Tue 28 April 2020 10:11:AM

time zone

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Darrell G - Tue 28 April 2020 3:31:PM


Register on this site to be added to the email notifications for our calls.

Nicholas-Peyton:Everett - Sun 7 June 2020 2:47:pm


Hello from Springfield, its an honor to participate in such a fine cause.
Truly we have an opportunity like that which our forefathers could only dream, the ability to communicate and spread ideas to our countrymen who are miles apart, from the comfort of our own homes.
I'm curious as to when and how each of you came upon this information, suppressed as it is. And why did it resonate with you so that you continued to read and learn?

Darrell G - Fri 12 June 2020 1:20:pm


I just knew that something was wrong.
I kept running across articles that seemed conspiratorial or wild.
But in every one of them there was some truth that I could verify.
Such as a two cent stamp was sufficient to mail something.
One of the things that convinced me was how words were used in legal documents
that didn't mean what I thought they did and verified using Blacks Law.
When I found Anna von Reitz, and she explained that the ones having
legal problems were the ones that had not done their paperwork.
Early on, I realized that Anna had been in the forefront and had never been arrested.
That gave me the confidence to follow her procedure. And here I am.

Barry W - Thu 18 June 2020 5:56:pm

Embossed ILB plates

Hello, if you've found someone who will emboss ILB plates would you share the company/contact info, please?

Barry W - Thu 18 June 2020 6:26:pm

Hello, Nicholas-Peyton:Everett

Hi, Nicholas,

Welcome! Glad to have you with us.

I wasn't looking for this. I was fat and cozy, wasting my life away. Then I was kicked out of my comfortable slumber by some youtubes, of all things. I was ignoring them, but they kept coming up, nagging my peripheral vision. One day I decided to bite, and learned the world is doomed. DOOMED. :) Well, yeah...but it got my attention. So I looked into it, and kept finding threads to pull and I did not like all that I was discovering, but I had to have the truth at any cost. It was obvious something was very wrong: someone is waging war against all of humanity, the government is complicit, and that "government" is an impostor. I smelled the smoke of fraud and vast conspiracy, but no one could tell me precisely how the scam worked. Then along came the Malheur incident and the prime-time slaughter of LaVoy Finicum. Someone was saying that incident proves that America isn't free, and he claimed it is actually a British Crown colony. That had the right ring, but it explained nothing of practical value. So I challenged him and he could not defend his claim. But that was the blood in the water that got me in a renewed frenzy on a fresh trail for truth. So I began searching high and low. It took me days, but I finally found Anna's web site and I devoured all of its 300 documents in that month. I then joined the Colorado calls, bought and read Anna's book. And that, as they say, is all she wrote. Short answer: the Sovereign of the universe decreed and arranged it all, and I could not dismiss it even though I wanted to at first; now I cannot go back. Bless the Lord.

Barry W - Thu 18 June 2020 7:19:pm

How to legally decline a vaccine

Hi, all,

I see a flaw in this flyer:

Not all doctors take the Hippocratic Oath. Many take the Lasagna Oath 1964, or other oath. Modern oaths are quite slippery and wiggly, leaving room for veiled meaning, and making provision for euthanasia, even framing it as a high duty (Lasagna).


Therefore, mileage may vary when refusal is based on squishy legal ground: because of the unconscionable contracts that are presumed against incorporated citizens. As always, lawful ground is most solid.

Nicholas-Peyton:Everett - Thu 16 July 2020 9:14:pm

My own discovery

My own journey to knowledge came about in a way similar to others I am sure. Ever since a child I felt that there was a secret that adults kept from young ones, that we would learn as we grew into those tall authoritative beings, so sure, so poised.

Then I became one, only to discover that the adults don't know either. If anything, most were clueless compared to small children who don't know everything yet, whose ignorance had not yet become arrogance. Then I started my true education, which came after my compulsory years, when I read, and listened, and spoke. A very funny thing happens when you seek something as amorphous as truth. Events and influences come to you which, in the moment, seem unrelated. That is, until hindsight comes and connects the dots, and the separate images become a mosaic that flashes bright upon the mind's eye, and one is stunned at the consequences of this intuitive burst of innerstanding. And a desire to reject such revelations, to return to comfort within models of existence given in wee years, creeps into the hearts of those who find themselves on the precipice of a different world. But to escape back into fantasy leaves an afterimage engraved upon the mind, which torments the giants who wish to sleep.

We have been given omission, and assumption, and lies.

And we have been given them as truth. And we are continually washed with such fantasy, such deception. And the only way out?
I count myself lucky to swim in the wake of great men and women, who dove in and brought back a digested and well presented morsel of something real.

Goodness, I think I have indulged myself enough.
I have learned most of this subject through a black man from Georgia, who speaks mostly on commercial law, on public vs. private, on natural law. Before I came to know of Anna, and Bobby, and of the Assembly, I knew of the Secured Party Process.
A commercial remedy to the problem of being wrapped up in the public fiction. I've learned a bit of Trust Law, of Contract Law, and of Banking.
What I have learned most strongly, I think, is that as long as we continue to act as the NAME, we shall never make it back home to Kansas.

Jim Homyak - Fri 28 August 2020 12:40:pm

Step by step for new people

Hello, I've been to so many of Anna's productions and yet still there hasn't been a step by step process. For example:

Step 1. Read and study Anna's websites

Step 2. Become personally determined to correct your status

Step 47. Etc...

Step 48. Purchase your postal money order to pay for recording fees.

Step 49. Mail your county recording addendum with the record number and top page for the recording stamp to your county recorder with enclosed payment.

Step 50, Watch your mailbox for a return of your recorded documents.

Step 51... etc