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Part 1 - Bobby Graves of the Oregon Assembly

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What is the State Assembly?

When the Founding Fathers of the 13 colonies founded our government, they each represented their specific land areas and they formed what was called “Assemblies” which were groups of local people who came together at their local meeting halls to discuss how to self-govern their counties and Nation-States under Common Law (each state being a sovereign nation unto itself). Today Counties and Nation-States across America are once again forming Assemblies to take a stand for We the People and to restore our lawful government.

Building an Assembly for Oregon

The goal today is to build an assembly of the people for Oregon and eventually have this assembly participate in an American Assembly of States. We haven't assembled the States in over 150 years and the time has now come to do so. We have to educate ourselves about our actual American Government and dust off the cobwebs on records so that we familiarize ourselves with the long-vacant offices and traditions of our own Government; of the People, by the People, and for the People.

A Little More Background Info:

When the colonies separated from England, King George retaliated by revoking their charters. Technically, the colonies were without any legal authority to operate. However, civics (the branch of political philosophy concerned with individual rights) was generally taught and known by the people who asserted their rights and maintained order by applying the common law. The people united in the form of common law grand juries and continued the functioning of government.

As the legislatures matured, they slowly increased governmental power while simultaneously reducing personal sovereign power. This was done through a combination of passing pro-government legislation and reducing or eliminating education about civics. Today, two and a quarter centuries later, hardly anyone even knows the meaning of the word, "civics."

Despite the fact that the state and federal constitutions still acknowledge the common law as the ultimate law system, people everywhere are conditioned to believe that the statutory law and codes are the only source of law. The only remaining common law term generally known among the public is "common law marriage."

The common law grand jury is now dormant only because of the public ignorance of its powers that supersede all other government entities, including the modern statutorily defined grand jury. Awakening the grand jury will not be graciously accepted by the government. A strategy is needed to reintroduce this fundamental protection against tyranny and injustice.

‘We The People’ are the First Level of Government in a Republic.  In an Assembly, we have the Power and Authority “over” our elected state officials of “state government” through our State Constitution. Our State Constitution is the road map of authority for our elected state “Officials” which includes the “process” by which we have the power and the authority to “hire and fire” these “servants.” In our State Constitution  "We The People", to have the power and authority of removal at any time during an elected official’s “term of office” to “take him or her out of office,” via proper notice and another election which will keep the wheels of government from stalling on its track.