The Oregon Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction
Intention and Manifestation

Our Oregon Assembly is dedicated to upholding the Public Law and the Unalienable Rights of the People of Oregon.
This is accomplished through education and public recording, creating and maintaining a complete and fully operational land and soil jurisdiction State and County common law court system, and through the building and training of a peacekeeping force for the preservation of the National Trust, the enforcement of the Public Law, and the upholding of the Federal Constitutions owed to our State and People.
In practice, we are an assembly of hardworking, thoughtful, curious, hopeful, eager, caring people who recognize the need for community, mutual respect, and dedication as we reconstruct our Lawful Government --- of, for, and by The People.
To these ends, we, the People of Oregon, have called all eligible Oregon Nationals to assemble The Oregon Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction. We do this peacefully and without rancor to secure and safeguard the unalienable rights of the living women and men on Oregon.


Get Involved

Regardless of your political affiliation, we are all American's first. We are living men and women standing on the soil and land of Oregon.  We are a non-partisan, peaceful, respectful group seeking like minded loving souls to accelerate the tipping point of living person, one respectful, mindful meeting at a time.  WE are the change we have been waiting for.  We are the People.  Join us!