Reclaiming America & Restoring 'De Jure' Government


Whether you like it or not, your Proper Name has been kidnapped and transported into the realm of Commercial Fiction and falsely identified as a franchise corporation --- like a Burger King franchise --- belonging to the British Crown. That franchise is a United States Citizen under their "diversity of citizenship" clause and no United States Citizen has any rights or guarantees or treaties or constitutional guarantees.

This is a process begun when your Mother unknowingly "surrendered" your name at the hospital and they "seized upon it" in Breach of Trust.

Breach of Trust and fraud are the only issues and they can only be addressed once you rebut their evidence and their presumptions via Correcting Your Birthright Political Status by Expatriating from all forms of "U.S. Citizenship" and developing superior evidence of your true identity and standing as an "American State National".

The government envisioned by our founding fathers had reasoned checks and balances to protect we the people.  It begins with the people as the highest level of authority.  However, the incorporated fictional, foreign entities pretending to be our lawful government have inverted the power structure to the point of We the People being enslaved by the Corporation that purports to be our Government. By returning your God-given rights of your living soul to the soil of your residence here in Oregon, you reclaim your true self and your true governance.  We will show you the path.

This article How to Correct Your Political Status and Why explains how and why we need to do this. 


The Editable Forms are: 

1779 and Witnesses            

1 Pager 1779 Declaration for Americans-1.pdf

1 Pager 1779 EXAMPLE.pdf

Form ASN 1-F_ Declaration for American federal Employees.PDF

Form ASN 1-N_Declaration of Legal Immigrants.PDF

Form ASN-1-W_Witness Affirmation.pdf

Form ASN-1-W_Witness EXAMPLE.pdf

Baby Deed of Land Recording.pdf

Mandatory Notice Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act


The instructions and answers to questions are:

One Pager Article.PDF

1. Instructions for 1779 Declaration Paperwork.pdf

One Pager Q & A.PDF


 ILB Information